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Flame Resistant Copper Cable PVC XLPE or Silicone Rubber Insulated PV Solar Electrical Wire Earth Control Shielded CAT6 Flat Flexible Electric Power Cable

Flame Resistant Copper Cable PVC XLPE or Silicone Rubber Insulated PV Solar Electrical Wire Earth Control Shielded CAT6 Flat Flexible Electric Power Cable Voltage and High voltage Customzied OFC conductor PVC / X;
Basic Info
Model NO. VV YJV
Type Insulated
Conductor Type Stranded
Application Overhead, Underground, Building, Light,Equipment, Instrument, Car, Auto
Conductor Material Copper
Sheath Material PVC
Insulation Material PVC, RoHS PVC, XLPE
Material Shape Round Wire
Range of Application Flame Retardant
Certification ISO9001, CE, CCC, RoHS
Brand Wellde Kable
Size 10mm 16mm 25mm 35mm.50mm.....800mm2
AWG Size Customized AWG1/0, 2/0, 4 6# AWG8 AWG10 12 14# 16# 18 20 22
AWG Size AWG20 22# 23# 24# 26# 28# 30#
Export Experience Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Russia, Kenya
Hot Export Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, UAE, South Africa
Produceing Experience 15 Years
Customize Yes
Standard IEC, GB, BS, ASTM
Transport Package Drum, or as Per Requirement of The Client
Specification SGS
Trademark Wellde Kable
Origin Henan
HS Code 8544492100
Production Capacity 500km Per Month
Product Description Voltage and High voltage Customzied OFC conductor PVC / XLPE /Rubber Cable,Electric Cable For Construction,Power station,Power plant,Industrial,Underground

Rated voltage: 0.6/1kV,~3.6/6kV or 0.6/1~1900/3300V,6/10KV-,8.7/15KV,19/30KV,26/35KVStandard: IEC60502 and IEC60331, BS 6346 , DIN VDE 0271

power cables (plastic power cable) is one of high quality products of our company. The product not only has good electric capability, but also has good chemical stabilization, simple structure, easy to use, and the laying of cable do not be limited by the fall. It is widely used at the transformer circuit which rated voltage is 6000V or under.

The product can be produced against the standard of IEC60502 and IEC60331, BS 6346, DIN VDE 0271, and can also customize as per customer's request.

1. The long-term permissible operation temperature of the conductor shall not be higher than 70

2. The max temperature of the conductor of cable should less than 160 when short circuit. (less than 5 second)

3. The cable is not limited by drop in level when being laid, and the environment temperature shall not be lower than 0

4. Perfect chemical stability, resistant against acids, alkalis, grease and organic solvents, and flame retardant.

5. Light weight, perfect bending properties, installed and maintained easily and conveniently

6 Rated voltage: 0.6/1kV,~3.6/6kV or 0.6/1~1900/3300V

7 Number of cores: One, two, three, four, five
8 Type, name and usage

TypeDescriptionApplication Occasion
YJVYJLVXLPE insulation PVC sheath power cableTo be laid indoors, in tunnel, cable furrow or pipe, the cable couldn't bear mechanical force outside
YJYYJLYXLPE insulation PE sheath power cable
YJV22YJLV22XLPE insulation, steel tape armor, PVC sheath power cableTo be laid underground, the cable could bear certain mechanical force, but it couldn't bear great pulling force.
YJV23YJLV23XLPE insulation, steel tape armor, PE sheath power cable
YJV62YJLV62XLPE insulation, Non-magnetism steel tape armor, PE sheath power cable
YJV32YJLV32XLPE insulation, thin steel-wire armor, PVC sheath power cableBe applicable to the well, water inside and fall in the bad soil, the cable cans bear the equal dint outside the machine with pull the dint
YJV72YJLV72XLPE insulation, Non-magnetism steel-wire armor, PVC sheath power cable
YJV42YJLV42XLPE insulation, thick steel-wire armor, PVC sheath power cableBe applicable to the well, underwater with the bottom of sea, the cable cans bear the bigger pressure with lead to pull the dint.
Hint speciallyThe single-core magnetism material packs the cable is not suitable for to use for the AC power supply back track, the necessity hour eligibility uses the single-core 62 or 72 type pack the cable.
Disallow the cent to cross the magnetism piping mutually when single-core cable establish, the in order to prevent results in the descent that cable transport electric current ability.

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Flame Resistant Copper Cable PVC XLPE or Silicone Rubber Insulated PV Solar Electrical Wire Earth Control Shielded CAT6 Flat Flexible Electric Power Cable


Q:How to choose the sheath type of cable? A.:There are four commonly used sheath types, PUR, PVC, TPE, TPEE.The PUR sheath has good elasticity, softness, good mechanical properties, good resilience, and is not easy to deform. The price of PVC sheath is cheap, if you do not have high requirements for the resilience of the wire, you can choose PVC sheath. The TPE sheath is super soft, and the temperature range is -40ºC~+80ºC, but its disadvantage is that it is not resistant to oil and its mechanical properties are not as good as PUR. Its price is lower than PUR and higher than PVC. TPEE has good temperature resistance. The temperature range is -40ºC to +100ºC. It has good resilience and mechanical properties, but it is not soft enough and the price is higher than PUR.2. Q.:Are you a factory or trading company? A: We are a factory, and we establised in 2007.3.
Q: What kind of electric wire and cable do you produce? A: We produces various kinds of Electric wire and Power cable: PVC Cable, XLPE Cable, Control Cable, Flexible Cable, Spiral Cable, Signal Cable, Data Cable(Cat6, Cat5e,Patch cord),PTFE wire and High temperature Wire Cable, Rubber Cable, Elevator cable, Crane cable, Solar cable and different industrial Cables, Conductor (AAC, ACSR, AAAC, Bare copper conductor and Stay wire)4.
Q: Is sample supplied if requested? A: Yes!5.
Q: What certificates do you have? A: We have been qualified with IEC, CCC, CE, RoHS. 6. Q.:Which markets do you mainly involve in? A: Our products have been exported mainly to Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Vietnam, UAE, Saudi Arabia, USA, UK, Russia, Poland, France, Hungary, Australia, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia, Angola, Tanzania, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua.


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