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Hot Selling Aluminium Extrusion Machine Accessories of Container/Oil Pump/ Die Oven

Hot Selling Aluminium Extrusion Machine Accessories of Container/Oil Pump/ Die Oven

Overview Product Description QS series extruder is four-pillar hydraulic horizontal, press featuring elegant shape, well;
Basic Info
Model NO. 600T-3600T
Trademark QSHM
Origin China
Production Capacity 100
Product Description
QS series extruder is four-pillar hydraulic horizontal, press featuring elegant shape, well-produced, flexible control, with the advantages of stable performance, quiet, with the first of four more container cylinder system and streng thening the independent clamping function, which has greatly increased the rate of copper aluminum products. In addition, for aluminum extrusion speed of high requirements, we successfully developed nc constant speed extrusion system, realize real-time monitoring of digital manmachine dialogue operation platform. The company senior engineer with the second ten years rich experience, greatly optimized hydraulic and circuit control system, make empty extrusion shorter, faster, extrusion fluent movements, shorten the steady extrusion time and improve production efficiency.

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High quality spare parts with high accuracy, interchangeability, and long service life, have obvious advantages, reduce costs.

Accurate location,convenient,Main body of Exrtusion stem,Master cylinder copper sleeve,H13 Dummy block,change extruaion of the tube

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Hot Selling Aluminium Extrusion Machine Accessories of Container/Oil Pump/ Die Oven

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Foshan Qisheng Machinery Technology was founded in 1996, located in Fujing Industrial park, Baini Town, Sanshui District, Foshan City. Our products have obtained ISO quality system certification, and won the "high-tech enterprise", "star enterprise", "excellent enterprise" and other honorary titles. The main products of our qisheng is aluminum extrusion press machine. We use high quality and precision raw material, long service life and high level technical improve bring us so many customers. Qisheng press Main markets are Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Ghana, Algeria and other countries and regions.

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We regard product quality as the life of the enterprise,High quality and have a good brand.Therefore,Each production equipment are carefully selected calibrationOperation have high standards for each stage of production,Requirements are very demanding on every detail of the operation,Full guarantee of the quality of the product.Tiny step of the line, we are leading the trend;Miles of the levy, our sound forward;Realm of the future, we are scaling the heights!


Qisheng Machinery Reliable quality, thanks to the professional and high-quality management team,and is equipped withfirst-class modern production equipment in the various aspects of the production process in order to ensure the quality ofmost products.After years of technology accumulation, the formation of a professional product development and manufacturing teams. Have the high theoretical attainment over the years struggled in the first line of production, with rich production experience, be able to accurately foresee the developmentof the market, flexible, efficient feasible solutions to provide customers with. The excellent production capacity has laid the foundation for the company to obtain the following certificates.


QI: How is the quality of Qisheng Brand extrusion press machine and the service life?Qisheng Brand is one of the best extrusion press machine manufacturers in China. According to the feedback of old customers, under normal circumstances, the life of the machine can reach 15 years or more.Q2: What main parts and components are we using?The main component of Qisheng machine, such as motor, servo drive system, oil pump and so on, are all well-known brands at home and abroad.For example China Borgem, Japan Emerson Nideco, Japan Mitsubishi, Germany Rexroth. The accessories are Taiwan Kuoka valve,Japan Tokyo meter and so on.Q3. Will Qisheng provide installation service?As extrusion equipment belongs to large industrial equipment, installation services and specific matters need to be further negotiated by both parties. However, we will ensure to simplify all the installation procedures as far as possible, provide the most beneficial after-sales service to customers, so that the machinery smoothly put into production, to maximize the interests of customers.Q4:What is the delivery time of Qisheng Machines?The ordinary models will be delivered within 60 days if they are in stock. Other customized models please refer to the delivery date of the contract.Q5: If I want to know more details,what can I do?We have 24 hours online customer service, welcome to contact. You can also learn more through our official website.

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