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Tenneco Introduces New Champion Industrial Spark Plugs

Oct 09, 2023

Tenneco Inc.'s Powertrain business group announced the launch of a range of new Champion industrial spark plugs, which it says are known for their reliable, strong performance and robust durability in industrial applications. The newly designed ignition offerings represent an economical double Iridium solution which rounds out Tenneco's Champion aftermarket value plug portfolio, the company says.

"Our two latest Champion industrial spark plugs, in a M14 range with HEX16mm and a new stronger ceramic, yield additional electrical and mechanical strength. The new designs, designated C-4001, are intended for use in stationary biogas and natural-gas commercial truck, bus, and construction machinery applications," said Volker Scherer, director industrial ignition, sales and engineering, Tenneco.

Tenneco says the double Iridium M14 J-Gap high performance spark plugs, offered with nominal electrode gaps of 0.25mm for stationary usage and 0.40mm for on- and off-road applications, feature a series of design advances:

"Our advanced ceramic formula enables higher voltage resistance, which in turn increases the lifetime of the spark plug. In addition, the double Iridium alloy ensures adequate lifetime and service intervals for our heavy-duty and stationary industrial customers," stated Scherer.

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