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Fast Charge Your iPhone Anywhere With This Anker Plug and Cable Bundle That's 30% Off on Amazon

May 16, 2023

It's not every day that you can score a durable and eco-friendly MFi-Certified Lightning Cable and a fast-charging wall plug for under $27, but Anker is doing just that with a limited-time bundle on Amazon (AMZN) - Get Free Report.

You’ll save 30% on a 6-foot Lightning to USB-C cable and a 30-watt wall plug that can easily fast charge any iPhone, AirPods, or even the 9th Gen iPad. Take about extreme value and savings on one of the best charging setups around.

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A 6-foot cable is ideal for use on a nightstand or while traveling, as it gives you plenty of length to reach from the wall to wherever you’d like to keep the device charging. It can also stop you from leaning off the side of your bed as you scroll on TikTok before bed.

This cable from Anker is durable and good for the planet as it's constructed from plant-based materials and comes in simple packaging that doesn't hurt the environment. It also comes with a 20,000-bend lifespan to ensure the cable doesn't begin to fray either in the middle or at the dreaded end near one of the connectors. Thanks to a USB-C end, it can also support faster data transfer and charge times. Anker even builds in a strap for easy portability.

The 511 charger is one of Anker's most popular, with a single USB-C port and an ultra-compact design that is just 1.12 inches thick and tall. It's a compact cube that is powered by Gallium Nitride, essentially a tech that allows the charge to be very efficient and operate cool even at higher charging speeds.

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While the size of Anker's 511 wall plug is similar to that of the old 5-watt brick that Apple included in the box, it can charge your iPhone faster. It can charge up to 3 times faster than the old brick. It's also 10-watts quicker than Apple's (AAPL) - Get Free Report new 20-watt wall plug with USB-C.

If you have other USB-C charging cables at home--maybe for an Apple Watch, a Mac, or an iPad--you can use the 511 wall plug to charge those other devices.

This, paired with the bio-based Lightning cable, makes it an excellent charging solution for the iPhone and one that is incredibly portable. You can score both for just $26.59 on Amazon right now; just be sure to click the additional 30% coupon on the page.

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