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Barrie’s Napoleon gives 7 tips for keeping a safe and clean BBQ

Jun 05, 2023

Barrie-based Napoleon is offering tips for keeping barbecues safe and clean ahead of prime grilling season. - Metroland file photo

The warm weather is upon us. What better way to celebrate than by taking your chef-calibre skills outdoors?

To help you get the most out of your backyard kitchen, the Barrie-based Napoleon company is providing a list of tips and helpful hints as grilling season gets underway.

Here are their basic barbecue cues:

Clean cooking grids and searing plates: Soak the cooking grills in warm water and soap before giving them a good cleaning to get rid of grease and food crust that has been charred on. Season them for the coming season. While searing grids are soaking, remove the heat shields and give them a scrape, too. This is also a good time to check the igniter and rear burner.

Clean the grease cup: The more you use your grill, the more you'll have to clean or replace the grease cup.

Scrape off the grease tray: All the grease and food remnants from past meals collect and burn onto the tray. No need to get out the soap and water for this one; give it a good scrape with a spatula or putty knife.

Check for leaks: Once cleaning is done, visually inspect all hoses and feed tubes. Look for crimps, scratching and punctures. If you detect any of these, it is time to replace the hoses. A leak test should be performed any time your grill has been in storage for a prolonged length of time or when you are changing components. Cover each hose with warm soapy water and look for bubbles — if you see some forming, there's likely a leak that needs repair.

Check all ignition parts: When the grill is clean and safe, see how it lights. For battery ignitions, consider replacing the batteries with new ones. Check all electrode leads and ensure the tips are clean and have no grease or rust build up. If they do, clean using fine grit sandpaper.

Get some essential barbecue tools: Be equipped with a good grill cleaning brush — cedar scrapers are popular, though abrasive pads work well too. Buy a good set of tongs, a quality spatula and a temperature probe.

Perfect, cook: Beyond the basics, consider a rotisserie basket to make pub fare like wings and fries without the typical fat and oil, or purchase a charcoal and smoker tray for your gas grill.

Napoleon is North America's largest privately owned manufacturer of fireplaces, grills, outdoor living, heating and cooling products. For more, visit

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Clean cooking grids and searing plates: Clean the grease cup: Scrape off the grease tray: Check for leaks: Check all ignition parts: Get some essential barbecue tools: Perfect, cook: