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Inside SRP's battery storage power plant in Glendale

May 01, 2023

GLENDALE, AZ — Last summer, Salt River Project (SRP) set a record for the amount of power it delivered to customers, which is expected to increase this year.

To help meet demand SRP added two new fast-ramping natural gas turbines.

"They start very quickly they are very flexible they ramp up and down very quickly and that is needed as a resource for SRP," said Bob Ellis, Director of the Agua Fria Power Plant in Glendale.

Supplying power to nearly 22,000 homes in about 10 minutes and the way of the future is driven by a jet engine, like one you would find on an airplane.

On the other side of the yard is SRP's largest energy storage system - with 34 individual battery units - the 100-megawatt hours of stored energy can power about 6,000 homes for four hours.

"SRP sees a lot of promise in battery storage as a technology to help us really power the future of our grid," said Grant Smedley, Director of Resource Planning at SRP.

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